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Sapulpa’s Brittany DeMauro – Mom of the Month – Presented by Sigler Heat & Air

Brittany DeMauro is the definition of a volunteer mom and “team mom.” Her willingness to do whatever it takes to help her son’s teams is above and beyond any standard for most parents with kids in athletics. Her four boys and their teammates certainly benefit from having her around. 

“My oldest son, Zane, is in tenth grade. He plays varsity football and is a member of the varsity track team. My son, Zach, is in eighth grade. He plays junior high football and is on the junior high track team. My son, Zabian, plays fifth grade football for Sapulpa Little Chiefs and is coached by my husband, Scott. My youngest son, Zander, plays fourth grade basketball for the Salvation Army Recreation League and is also coached by my husband,” said Brittany. 

Being part of a community like Sapulpa is special to Brittany and her family. 

“Sapulpa is small town America. In Sapulpa you will find the values, beliefs, common courtesy, and slightly slower pace of life of a small town. The pride in our community of being Sapulpa Chieftain is strong and just a beautiful thing,” said Brittany. “I was born and raised in Sapulpa as was my dad. Then during my high school years my family moved to Prue and that’s where I graduated. Upon starting my own family, it was only natural to move back to Sapulpa and raise them with Chieftain pride.”

There are many things Brittany has done for her boys. From fundraisers to feeding the team, the DeMauro family is always present. 

“Whatever is needed at any given moment. From feeding the teams to organizing fundraiser and events to working with sponsors. I am the president of the Sapulpa Touchdown Club, which is our football program’s booster club,” said Brittany. “Supporting our football boys and the coaches. I truly love doing anything I can to support our boys.”

She thanks her family for being supportive of her as she works to support them.

“My amazing and supportive family is always all in to help with anything. I couldn’t do what I do without their support. So thankful for the support of our wonderful football families,” said Brittany.
Football is something this family breathes 365 days a year. They also enjoy drag racing, hot rods, Harley motorcycles and lake life on the boat.

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